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Establishing a foundation

Do you want to achieve changes in society and be actively committed to the commonwealth? Establish a foundation!

Bring about changes in society

Foundations are a modern way of using private assets to help bringing about changes in society. It appeals to funders to set up an organisation that is suitable for accomplishing a purpose particularly important to him or her. There are many different reasons why someone may want to establish a foundation. Talking to funders, they first of all mention their desire to move something, to give something back to society or that being personally affected by a disease or a social evil has challenged them to act.

The term “foundation” covers different forms of legal organisation. The most popular legal forms are foundations with legal status according to civil law but there are even foundations with limited liability (Stiftungs-GmbH) or various forms non-profit organisation.

If you are interested in establishing a foundation in Germany, we gladly offer support and consultation. Please contact us by email.

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Guiding Principles of Good Practice for Foundations

These guidlines contain policy recommendation on avoiding conflicts of interest, ensuring adequate transparency and allocating funds efficiently.

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