Teilnehmende auf dem Deutschen Stiftungstag in Leipzig
© David Ausserhofer


Be our guest at any of the Association’s digital or personal events.

German Foundation Congress

The German Foundation Congress is the biggest congress for foundations in Europe. Every year the congress focuses on a different subject that is of importance to foundations and civil society at large. Usually, we expect about 1,800 guests; visitors are always welcome but please keep in mind that most sessions will be in German. More information: www.stiftungen.org/stiftungstag

Events, platforms and networks

One of the core concerns of the Association is to provide opportunities for networking among our members and act as a communication platform for foundations, politics and the wider civil society.

Members can meet regularly in working groups focused on topics such as education, environment, arts and culture and many more in order to exchange experiences, learn from peers and meet other like-minded people. Most of these groups offer regular digital sessions and organise yearly conferences. Find out more here.

If you are interested in any of the events or working groups, please contact the person indicated on the respective site.