About the Association of German Foundations

The Association of German Foundations represents the interests of German foundations vis-à-vis politics and society.  With over 4,800 members, it is the largest and oldest association of foundations in Europe. Around 9,800 foundations are affiliate members via their administrations. Each year, foundations in Germany invest at least 5.4 billion euros to promote the common good. The Association is committed to optimal framework conditions for foundations and their activities, and supports its members and founders, especially by advising and networking them in their work.

The Association of German Foundations regards itself as

  • modern service provider that informs, provides advice and supports its members
  • a shared initiative of foundations and partners of the foundation sector that is committed to public relations and activities for the advancement of society, to strengthening sustainable engagement and to promote the idea of foundations
  • an umbrella organisation of German funders and foundations that advocates their issues with policy makers and the general public, lobbies for the improvement of legal and fiscal requirements, aims to improve the performance of foundations, and fosters the dialogue between foundations, policy makers, the public, science and economy.

The Association is itself member of various national and international networks.

Our Goals

The goals of the Association of German Foundations are the following:

  • Be a strong voice of civil society
  • Foster advocacy and active representation of foundations
  • Provide tailored services and networks for our members
  • Commitment to the future / significance of foundations

Our mission

With our work we intend

  • to showcase activities and commitment of foundations;
  • to advocate for better legal conditions for funders and foundations;
  • to provide comprehensive consultancy for funders and foundations;
  • to enhance exchange between our members.
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International co-operation

The Association of German Foundations is part of an international network; it supports and advises German foundations that work internationally, many of them in the development cooperation sector.