Grant Writer (f/m/d) (Berlin)

The IOTA Foundation champions human empowerment through open innovation and citizen-centric governance models.  In pursuit of this aim, we work with governments and intergovernmental organizations around the world to create real-world use cases for distributed ledger and Internet-of-Things technologies (DLT & IoT) that serve the public interest. These are exciting times, with technological breakthroughs in distributed computing, IoT connectivity, machine learning, and other cross-border technologies making it both possible and necessary for governments to re-invent themselves. 

The Market Adoption Team seeks to help these public sector actors make better use of taxpayer money, deliver more efficient and more accountable citizen services, and contribute to the universal fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  We aim to build a portfolio of strategic proof-of-concepts (PoCs) and pilot projects to showcase the feasibility and desirability of the IOTA Tangle in particular and of permissionless innovation ecosystems in general.  Our goal is to establish IOTA as a trustworthy partner for open, collaborative governance innovation experiments.  In addition, we engage proactively with influencers and decision-makers to shape supportive legal and policy frameworks for DLT and IoT innovation globally.

Examples of public sector use cases currently under development by the IOTA Foundation include:

  • user-centric digital identity systems;
  • e-government citizen services;
  • smart cities & smart energy infrastructure;
  • sustainable supply chain management;
  • monitoring and combating climate change;
  • equitable management of the global space commons;
  • refugee support services;
  • global cash transfers and financial system access for the unbanked; and more

We are looking for an experienced Grant writer and Donor Relations Manager to help secure the funding necessary to drive these promising use cases forward.  This is an external facing position involving proactive cultivation of donor networks.  It requires a passion for serving society and an innate ability to convince others of the power of new technologies to solve complex, real-world problems. 

As Grant writer and Donor Relations Manager, you will be the team's key rainmaker.  You will research and identify suitable funding sources to support the Foundation's strategic projects with public sector actors.  You will prepare, submit, and follow-up on grant applications, secure project funding, establish and cultivate successful ongoing relations with donors, generate donor reports and communications, and create a diversified pipeline of future funding streams to support the Foundation's work.  Your donor portfolio will include governments and governmental departments; national, regional, and international financial institutions and development agencies; corporate and private foundations, and high-net-worth individuals and technology philanthropists.  You will work closely with the technical analysts, and project managers to devise creative funding schemes that meet the needs of specific strategic projects.  You are a high-energy and enthusiastic person whose track record shows that money can always be found to support a worthy cause.  You are a natural networker and people-person.  You thrive on getting to know people, understanding what motivates them, and figuring out how to work with them to accomplish awesome things together.  At the same time you are detail oriented – scrupulous about satisfying donor requirements.  You have respect for the sometimes byzantine institutional processes of donor organizations and you never tire of answering their questions and ticking their checkboxes.  When you hit a funding wall or receive a grant application rejection notice, you double down rather than give up.  You sleuth out new funding paths and adjust your pitch as necessary to get the job done.  When your funding efforts lead to a successfully implemented project, you take great delight in lavishing praise upon and generating publicity for the donors who made it possible.  Resourcefulness, persuasiveness, and a "don't take no for an answer" attitude are the key elements of this role.


Job Responsibilities

  • Research and identify potential funding streams for social impact and strategic projects;
  • Prepare, submit, and follow-up on grant applications under tight timelines;
  • Meet with donors and cultivate strong short-, medium-, and long-term relationships;
  • Understand and satisfy donor requirements for project funding, project monitoring and reporting, and post-project evaluation and feedback
  • Assist with the preparation and conclusion of donor agreements and grant agreements;
  • Advise the project team of donor-necessitated adjustment to project plans;
  • Develop a suite of standard donor relations communication materials for the Foundation;
  • Work with project managers to report back to donors on budgets, timelines, deliverables, etc;
  • Work with the Foundation's finance team to ensure transparent and accountable grant management in compliance with donor requirements;
  • Produce clear and compelling project-related communication materials and reports for public dissemination;
  • Evaluate and assess specific donor cooperations and make strategic recommendations concerning future donor relationship targets;
  • Propose and plan fundraising campaigns to support the Foundation's longer-term non-profit objectives;
  • Proactively develop a pipeline of potential new donors.


Your soft skills:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Strong decision-making and leadership capabilities
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Ability to tolerate stress, meet short deadlines, and thrive in fast-paced start-up environment
  • Enjoy cross-functional collaboration and shared responsibility in small team settings
  • Self-starter with motivation to continually learn about new technologies
  • Ability to operate with a high degree of independence

Your expertise:

  • 2-5 years full-time professional experience in grant writing, fundraising, donor relations, or related field
  • Experience working with both public and private sector donors
  • Familiarity with landscape of potential funding sources for technology-related non-profit projects
  • Good knowledge of donor relations processes, tools, and software systems
  • Persuasive communicator with excellent spoken and written English
  • Ability to produce error-free and grammatically correct written documents in English
  • Basic familiarity with and interest in blockchain/distributed ledger/Internet-of-Things technologies and their potential use cases (or willingness to learn)
  • Proficiency in project management software tools or willingness to learn
  • Willingness to travel for donor meetings and ability to operate in multicultural environment
  • Must have valid permit to work in Germany

Weitere Infos

We offer you the chance to:

  • make a positive lasting impact on society;
  • work with some of the world's leading engineers and researchers within a casual and cutting-edge start-up environment;
  • develop close personal contacts with influential donors worldwide from your base in the heart of Europe's tech capital;
  • benefit from a strong team environment;
  • assume significant levels of responsibility and leadership;
  • enjoy competitive salary and benefits;
  • receive on-the-job technology training and skills enhancement;
  • take advantage of attractive advancement opportunities;
  • grow the position into a larger donor relations team if you are successful in your individual efforts
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