Next Philantropy

What’s next in the foundation and philanthropy sector?

This is a vital question for everyone who works within or with the sector. Our first few hypotheses are: it will be more global, more transparent, more participatory, more collaborative, more digital, and more entrepreneurial; and there will be larger investment.

Next Philanthropy is a global collaboration initiated by the Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen (Association of German Foundations). It aims to share knowledge and insights, and to provide an opportunity for thinking ahead.

Latest News
Felix Oldenburg TEDx

This summer, the Association of German Foundations has initiated Next Philanthropy as a global collaboration to share knowledge, compare insights, and fuel a discussion. Today, it launches the first Next Philanthropy knowledge products.

"It almost never goes according to plan"

Dominik Schiener, one of the founders of the IOTA foundation, explains in an interview how to improve our digital age by harnessing features of a traditional German organisational form.

Global Engagement blog

Provides news, up-to-the-minute discussions and valuable experiences concerning the international work of foundations and philanthropists.

Next Philanthropy around the world

How is the foundation and philanthropy sector developing worldwide? We interview experts and ask them for their personal assessments in order to give you insights, to stimulate a larger discussion and to invite you to find out more.

The map of the world will be continuously updated with new insights.

Partner Organzations

Organisations from around the world, with varying functions, that provide information, opportunities for exchange of ideas and the philanthropic infrastructure.


From breakfast meetings to workshops to conferences – these events provide opportunities to meet, to exchange and to get the latest insights into the trends in, and the future of, philanthropy.