Kirsten Hommelhoff will be the new Secretary General of the Association of German Foundations

  • The lawyer and foundation manager Kirsten Hommelhoff will be the first woman to head Europe’s biggest association of foundations
  • Kirsten Hommelhoff will take office on September 1, 2020

Kirsten Hommelhoff
Foto: privat

Berlin, 11 May 2020

The new Secretary General of the Association of German Foundations will be Kirsten Hommelhoff. On the 1st of September, she will assume office as CEO of Europe’s biggest association of foundations. Kirsten Hommelhoff will be the first female Secretary General in the history of the association that goes back 72 years.

Kirsten Hommelhoff says on the occasion of her appointment: “I am looking forward to taking on the responsibility and to working for the wide range of members.”

Professor Joachim Rogall, Director of the Robert Bosch Foundation and Chairman of the Association of German Foundations: “I am glad that with Kirsten Hommelhoff we were able to hire a woman who knows the sector of the foundations very well and brings all the competences and the personality needed for this challenging task. The boards of the Association are looking forward to the cooperation with her and will support Kirsten Hommelhoff in the best of our ability.”

Foundation manager and fully qualified lawyer

For the last ten years, Kirsten Hommelhoff (43) has been working for the Mercator Foundation. There she has held various positions, initially as Head of the Executive Board Office and as Deputy Head of the Centre for International Programmes. Since 2015, she has been in charge of the Mercator Centre in Berlin.

Before joining the foundation, the fully qualified lawyer headed the office of the then Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Group and Foreign Policy Spokesperson of the FDP Parliamentary Group, Werner Hoyer, and worked as a legal advisor in the Corporate Board Office of Deutsche Bahn AG.

Kirsten Hommelhoff succeeds Felix Oldenburg, who resigned from his operational duties in March 2020. Pia Elisabeth Liehr is currently acting Secretary General.


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