Change in the management of the Association of German Foundations

Generalsekretär Felix Oldenburg
Foto: David Ausserhofer

Secretary General Felix Oldenburg will resign from his operational duties at the Association of German Foundations in March 2020. The Board of Directors of the Association and Felix Oldenburg jointly agreed upon this decision.

Felix Oldenburg
Foto: David Ausserhofer

Foundations in Germany have a rich history, and deliver impact in countless places and in many different ways. Over the past years, the Association of German Foundations has dedicated itself to the mission of shaping the many transformations within and around foundations. Today, faced with urgent societal challenges, the Association recognizes the growing potential of activating new forms and players in philanthropy both within Germany and across borders.

In order to create a space for the key discussions about mobilizing private wealth, the future of philanthropy, and international advocacy, the board and Secretary General Felix Oldenburg have decided that Felix will dedicate himself to these tasks going forward, in collaboration with board chair Joachim Rogall and in his own role as chair of the European donors and foundations network DAFNE, and resign from his operational leadership role in March 2020. The board aims to recruit a successor in time.

The board expresses their gratitude to Felix Oldenburg for his successful tenure and many new impulses since his joining in 2016. 

Association of German Foundations

(Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen e. V.)

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