DAFNE and EFC present Philanthropy Manifesto with demands and promises

In just over 60 days, Europe will elect a new parliament. The paths ahead diverge perhaps like never before. The idea of a united, social Europe of citizens needs all the help it can get.

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Ranking Nonsense

Everybody loves rankings. Let's admit it, they attract clicks likephotos of cats. A few days ago, I followed the clickbait to a ranking of the world's largest foundations. Among them: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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"It has become really easy to engage without organisations"

How do future generations engage? We put this question – which also concerns German foundations – to Derrick Feldmann, one of the leading experts in that field.

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Open Society Foundations – Welcome to Berlin

As recrimination and defamation by the Orban government is going on the Open Society Foundations moves all of its more than 100 staff to Berlin. It's a warning signal for civil society but also a tremendous opportunity for Berlin.

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The Association of German Foundations has initiated Next Philanthropy as a global collaboration to share knowledge, compare insights, and fuel a discussion. It has launched the first Next Philanthropy knowledge products.

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Future Agenda

"Future Agenda", the world's largest open foresight initiative, published a publication about the future of philanthropy. We spoke with James Alexander, Director of the Future Agenda Team.

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Lose control!

Jimmy Wales is the founder of Wikipedia. We talked to him about fake news, new trends in philanthropy and about what museums can learn from the experiences of the online encyclopaedia, with its community-based approach.

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10 years Christel Wasiek Foundation

59 projects in 10 years to help elderly people in South America, to promote solidarity with them, to connect generations and to enable education in the field of gerontology: this is the proud record of the Christel Wasiek Foundation.

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It almost never goes according to plan

Interview with Dominik Schiener, one of the founders of the IOTA Foundation: how to improve our digital age by harnessing features of a traditional German organisational form.

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What’s next in the foundation and philanthropy sector?

Our first few hypotheses are: it will be more global, more transparent, more participatory, more collaborative, more digital, and more entrepreneurial; and there will be larger investment.


Press releases

The latest news from the Association of German Foundations.

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