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  • 26.09.2018

    Next Philanthropy

    Association of German Foundations and six partners join forces: Start for a global collaboration to share knowledge and kickstart a discussion about the future of philanthropy.

  • Philanthropy Scrum May 2018
    Octavian Carare

    Philanthropy Scrum

    DAFNE, EFC and EVPA to explore solutions with policymakers to grow the space for philanthropy across Europe.

  • David Ausserhofer

    Changes to the Board of the Association of German Foundations

    The members of the Association of German Foundations elected their new board of directors today. The six-member committee is chaired by Prof. Dr. Joachim Rogall, Chairman of the Board of Management of Robert Bosch Foundation, Stuttgart.

  • Detlef Eden

    Foundations on the move

    The Association of German Foundations calls for liability relief in asset investment so that foundations can use more forms of investment, make amendments to their articles of association possible, and make it easier to add and merge foundations.

  • David Ausserhofer

    German Founder’s Prize for Rainbow Philanthropist Ise Bosch

    The Association of German Foundations honours the founder and donation activist Ise Bosch for her many years of commitment to human rights, the improvement of the living conditions of girls and women, and the protection of sexual minorities.




Columba Toure, Trustee, TrustAfrica Foundation
© Laura Gögelein, GLS Bank

6 December 2018

Highlights of the Mission Investing Forum 2018: Africa and sustainable development

What are the opportunities for interested foundations and philanthropists to use their assets both to fulfil their foundation's purpose and to contribute to sustainable development in Africa?Read more

Tumuti (Links) mit ihrem Bruder Koikai einen Tag nach der Operation am Grauen Star

26 October 2018

“Small amounts of money but a big impact”

Interview with Adrian Bosseler, Board of Directors of Bosseler & Abeking Children’s Foundation which helps children in poverty or need, both in Germany and in the so-called developing countries. Read more

Boy playing football in a wheelchair
© Internationales Komitee des Roten Kreuzes (IKRK)

25 October 2018

Foundations support new ways of financing humanitarian aid

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) issued the world's first Humanitarian Impact Bond (HIB). What are the benefits and risks of the first HIB for all parties involved? Read more

Democracy Word Definition in Dictionary
© Radu Bercan/

25 October 2018

Democracy and sustainability – A look at international democracy promotion

Democracy – Should we be allowed to interfere in the political processes of other countries? This is also an important question for German foundations whether and how they can or want to contribute to the promotion of democracy in their international work. Read more

Girls' council filia.die frauenstiftung
filia.die frauenstiftung
Mädchenbeirat filia.die frauenstiftung

25 October 2018

Diversity: Achieving success through openness, acceptance and respect for one another

Diversity, i.e. the consideration of variety and heterogeneity in the formation of groups, teams and approaches. What does this discussion mean. Read more

Dr. Michael Hanssler
© Stephan Brendgen
Dr. Michael Hanssler

25 October 2018

Preserving the historical heritage

The Gerda Henkel Foundation supports with a funding priority scientists from crisis countries who are at risk in, or who have fled, their home countries. Dr Michael Hanssler, Chairman of the Managment Board, explains the commitment of the foundation. Read more

When is your foundation's overshoot day?
© SceneNature/

23 October 2018

When is your foundation's overshoot day?

The annual Earth Overshoot Day  was therefore launched by the Global Footprint Network as a reminder, to mark the day of the current year when our demand for natural resources consumed the amount the Earth needs to reproduce these resources. Read more

Christel Wasiek in conversation with local villagers.
© Christel-Wasiek-Stiftung – Seniorenhilfe weltweit

23 October 2018

10 years Christel Wasiek Foundation – Elderly Aid Worldwide

59 projects in 10 years to help elderly people in South America, to promote solidarity with them, to connect generations and to enable education in the field of gerontology: this is the proud record of the Christel Wasiek Foundation. Read more

Jimmy Wales
Jimmy Wales

1 October 2018

Lose control!
Jimmy Wales is the founder of Wikipedia. We talked to him about fake news, new trends in philanthropy and about what museums can learn from the experiences of the online encyclopaedia, with its community-based approach. Read more

James Alexander
James Alexander

26 September 2018

What will shape philanthropy in the next decade?
"Future Agenda", the world's largest open foresight initiative, published a publication about the future of philanthropy. We spoke with James Alexander, Director of the Future Agenda Team. Read more

© Annette Kleinbrod

10 September 2018

Looking ahead to the G20 summits in Argentina and Japan: foundation platform F20 for sustainable development
Inspired, enthusiastic and worth every minute: that was the unanimous response of the participants of the strategic meeting held by the G20 Foundations 20 (F20) foundation platform in Mendoza (Argentina) from 7 to 9 September 2018. Read more

Empowering People
Siemens Stiftung

23 August 2018

The Siemens Stiftung ‘Empowering people. Network and empowering people.Award’: Creating new perspectives with suitable technologies 
Promotion of low-tech solutions for new perspectives in Africa, Asia and Latin America: Carola Schwank, Head of the epNetwork, tells us more about the network, its desired effects and her experiences. Read more

Junge sitzt auf Rakete
© Ollyy /

20 August 2018

Current studies on work in the foundation and philanthropy sector
The summer break is over! This is the perfect opportunity to reflect on our work in the foundation and philanthropy sector: where should we be heading in the coming months and years? Read more

Pavel Richter
Detlef Eden
Pavel Richter

20 August 2018

Pavel Richter develops the digital strategy for the Association of German Foundations

We are pleased to welcome Pavel as Chief Digital Strategist and COO and as a new member of the association's senior management team of the Association of German Foundations. Pavel Richter will support our association in making greater use of the opportunities offered by digitisation. Read more

Pew Research Center report

12 July 2018

Report on populism in Europe

In Western Europe, populist parties tap anti-establishment frustration but have little appeal across ideological divide, a new Pew Research Center report finds. Read more

EZ-Scout Dr. Annette Kleinbrod
© Peter Himsel

6 July 2018

One year as an EZ-Scout: So much commitment in foundations!

Since June 2017, Dr Annette Kleinbrod has been an EZ-Scout of the GIZ. In an interview she looks back on her experiences in the role. Read more

Blick auf das Brandenburger Tor in Berlin
Marc Darchinger

3 July 2018

Open Society Foundations – Welcome to Berlin

As recrimination and defamation by the Orban government is going on the Open Society Foundations moves all of its more than 100 staff to Berlin. It's a warning signal for civil society but also a tremendous opportunity for Berlin. Read more

Mitdenkrunde Afrika

22 June 2018

A new approach to philanthropy in relation to working with Africa

Members of the Association of German Foundations and foundations and networks from Africa and the US met in Berlin to discuss the topic “Cooperation between African and German partners: What do we expect from each other and what do we need to make it work well?” Read more

Philanthropie in Asien

18 June 2018

Contrasts and Speed - Philanthropy in Asia

Over a thousand delegates met at the Asian Venture Philanthropy Association’s (AVPA) annual conference. Felix Oldenburg on Contrasts and Speed. Read more

Alberto Ibarguen, President and CEO Knight Foundation, during closing remarks on the third, and final, day of the Knight Media Forum 2018
© Photo by Angel Valentin

28 May 2018

"Even algorithms have parents"

Alberto Ibargüen, President and CEO of the Knight Foundation, on the use of artificial intelligence and journalism in the digital era. Read more

© USAID Feed the Future Commodity Production and Marketing Activity

15 May 2018

Digital in Afrika

Digitised agriculture in Uganda, legal aid for traders in Kenya or training of software engineers in Tunisia – young people are successfully breaking new ground. Read more

Schüler der SOS Kinderdörfer
© SOS Children’s Villages International
Pupils of SOS Children’s Villages

14 May 2018

Taking as many children as possible into the digital age

Digitisation + children in Africa = a self-determined future. The Hermann Gmeiner Foundation has played a major role in this through its grants to SOS Children’s Villages. Read more

2 May 2018

"The course is now being set for future societies"

Tunis, 2016 – the birth of the Digital Arabia Network (#DAN). The two founders talk about the digitisation in the Arab world, their network and why it is also interesting for foundations. Read more

Mission Investing
© chrupka

2 May 2018

Mission Investing: A look at foundations in the USA

Unleashing the Power of Endowments: The Next Great Challenge for Philanthropy. Foundations in the United States decided to implement mission investing in the early days of this investment approach. What is the market like today? Read more

Stopping the Abuse of Power through Sexual Exploitation: Naming, Shaming, and Ending Sextortion
© International Association of Women Judges

27 March 2018

The Oxfam scandal in Haiti

The "sextortion" phenomenon has been reported on several occasions in recent years. This is a form of corruption whose currency is not money but sex. How important is it for the work of foundations? Read more

9 March 2018

Ranking Nonsense

Everybody loves rankings. Let's admit it, they attract clicks like photos of cats. A few days ago, I followed the clickbait to a ranking of the world's largest foundations. Amoung them: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Read more

7 March 2018

For equitable chances and gender diversity – let’s change the rules!

How do I explain to my seven year old daughter why experts in TV and radio are primarily men – 80% in journalism, 70% in non-fictional programs? How should we deal with the fact that 9 of 10 characters in animation films are male? Read more

18 February 2018

Rainbow philanthropy

Talking about the rights of the LGBTI community is talking about citizens' rights. Secretary General Felix Oldenburg comments on why philanthropy should pay attention to LGBTI issues. Read more

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