Treffen für Stiftungen: Building the Community Organising Network in Europe

The recent exciting municipal mobilizations in Hungary were fueled by strong grassroots campaigns, and led by people with strong connections to the community organizing movement. This seminar will explore how the community organizing movement can serve as an effective counter-balance to the rise of the radical right, racism/xenophobia, inequality, and environmental destruction. We will look at how community organizing can help root the fight for these issues in local communities, and unlock the leadership potential of those communities to build more broadly inclusive movements.

The European Community Organizing Network (ECON) will convene a gathering of funders and civil society actors working in the community organizing space. This meeting will build from an initial gathering that took place in July of 2018, and a subsequent study produced by ECON and the Ariadne Network of human rights funders on building a more robust ecosystem for the community organizing sector in Europe.

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