Funding with a Climate Lens – How to Climate-Proof Your Foundation and Strategies

Ariadne Grant Skills Day & Networking Dinner

Climate change is the largest and most pervasive threat to both the environment and human societies. Yet, too often we talk about climate change and human rights as if they were two separate issues, when, as is now widely acknowledged, they are inextricably linked. This year’s Grant Skills Day will focus on practical ways human rights and social justice funders can begin to incorporate climate change both into their strategies and foundations’ operations, to climate-proof their work. The day will be part masterclass and part workshops facilitated by leading thinkers and grant-makers with experience of supporting climate work.

During the day funders will explore how climate change intersects with their existing work and will:

Learn about the manifold manifestations and connections of climate change as a human rights issue.
Gain a deeper appreciation of the role of funders and how they can take climate change into consideration by:

  •  Assessing how their programme aims and grantees are likely to be affected by climate change
  •  Considering support to organisations working in climate-fragile geographies
  •  Reviewing foundation policies on issues such as investments and travel
  •  Becoming an advocate for climate solutions

This year’s masterclass will be delivered by Tessa Khan, Co-Director of the Climate Litigation Network, and Majandra Rodriguez Acha, Co-Director of the FRIDA Fund.

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